As posted 8 months ago we have'nt been doing much to share with others, we have tried to fix things that have'nt worked before
and so on. There has been an update on the media page, a listnable version of the son Hard ass has been added.

There has not been much done with the site, since there has'nt happened anything band related in some time.
Niclas got a little girl 25/3 -10 and has taken some time off from the band.
Meanwhile the rest of us hasjust been fooling around and made pretty much nothing.
Hopefully Niclas will return in just a few weeks and then we hope to record some songs to put up on the site for downloading.

The site was taken down because of malicious code was found. Currently the site is tested and will slowly be rebuilt!

2009-09-02 21:07
A new version of the site is up and running, there will be more changes to come.