Patrik Bröll
Lead guitarist

Patrik is the founder of
the band and he also
writes most of the music.

He uses a B.C Rich
Warlock guitar.

Married to Sofia
Has two children, Amanda and Henry.
Drives a VW Multivan.
Has a job as technican.
Loves to sleep.
Listens to 80's hardrock

Niklas Sundberg
Lead vocals

The voice of Deye. He
was the last to join
the crew but he's also
what makes the

Uses what he can get
hold of.

Girlfriend Carina
Has one child.
Drives a car.
Has a job as technician.
Listens to everything.

Henrik Eriksson
Rythm guitar

The quiet one. He plays what's needed and tell
the others if somthing is good or not.

Uses a Gibson Explorer.

Has NO child
Drives a Opel Vectra 1.8
Has a job as technician.
Loves to masturbate.
Listens to Metallica.

Tobias Grammer
Drums/Backing vocals

A multiinstrumentalist equiped with fantastic
voice. He thinks more
is not enough.

Uses 2-box Drum-It5.

Girlfriand Angelica
Has one child.
Drives a Saab 9-5 aero
Has a job as welder.
Loves music
Listens to Power-Metall


Dan Rös

The latest member, gives the band a real push forward.

Uses fender jazzbass

Girlfriend Marie
Has one child
Drives a car
Has a job as a slave
The best musician in the band.